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Here’s some FAQ’s to guide you

Who is Uplyft Capital?

Uplyft Capital is a respectable Cash Advance Company. We were founded in 2012 and have since spent years dedicated to helping countless customers achieve something better than short term business loans, which is an interest-free business cash advance. We continue to work hard, providing working capital to all types of industries and businesses nationwide.

What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance or MCA, also known as a business cash advance, is a form of business financing. This type of financing consists of a lump-sum payment being given to a business in exchange for a percentage of their future revenue or credit card sales.

How can my business benefit from a merchant cash advance?

If you own a business, you can benefit from a merchant cash advance. MCA is extremely effective for business-owners in need of fasting working capital. Uplyft Capital is proud to quickly assist those businesses so they can achieve their goals faster. With an easy application process, minimal documentation, and 1-2 days of funding, you’ll have the right amount of money needed for your business account in no time.

Who is eligible for a cash advance?

Small to mid-sized businesses that have been in business for at least 6 months and have deposited at least $12,000 on an average monthly basis.

What type of programs do you offer?

Uplyft Capital is proud to offer our customers a wide variety of cash advance programs. We know how important it is to get the money you need for your business fast. That’s why we work hard to provide programs that are well suited for almost any business owner.

Here is a quick overview of our programs:
Premier Plus Program with a term of 2-12 months.
Premier Program with a term of 3-8 months.
Standard Program with a term of 2-7 months.
Starter Program with a term of 2-5 months.
To learn more about each program or find out with one would be right for your business, contact Uplyft Capital to learn more.

Who is eligible for a cash advance?

Every business receives customized offers tailored to their business. We offer funding options from $3,000 to $150,000. One of our funding specialists can give you an idea of how much your business could qualify for, and there is no obligation.

Why is a business cash advance better than a bank loan?

Uplyft Capital does not offer short term business loans. In fact, we don’t provide any type of loan. Instead, we are a merchant cash advance resource that provides businesses with quick, easy capital. While a loan consists of an interest rate that accrues over time, we provide you with something better! A merchant cash advance does not include an interest rate but instead features a fixed cost or “factor rate” that does not change throughout the MCA duration.

What are the main benefits of choosing an MCA?

When you own a business, you will have countless important decisions to make. Whether or not to get a short-term business loan or an MCA should not be one of the decisions you struggle with.
While a bank loan will leave you paying substantial interest over long periods of time, our MCA will have no interest, and we prove shorter terms for your peace of mind.
We also offer quick financing to our customers so they can support and maintain their business when they need it.

Is applying for an MCA difficult?

Our application process is easy to fill out, and our criteria are lenient. If you are someone who struggles with low credit score and are unable to get a traditional loan because of it, odds are you will be able to get the MCA without any issues. Contact Uplyft Capital to learn more about the application process and determine if you are the right candidate for our MCA.

How can I pay back my advance?

Merchant Cash Advance Programs can be paid back in multiple ways depending on the program you are approved for.  We offer a split percentage on credit card receivables, as well as a daily or weekly ACH debits.

How can I qualify for more working capital in the future?

We keep you updated every step of the way. Once you’ve established positive payment history with us, we’ll make sure to let you know once your business is eligible for renewal and review options available.

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