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Learn what drives our company, what our mission serves to accomplish and the values we embrace to accomplish our mission.

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Uplyft was launched in 2012 with a mission to make receiving capital for small businesses possible. We had one strategy in mind – to make receiving working capital simple, intuitive and human. The challenge of meeting the daily demands of your business and making your business stand out in a competitive marketplace requires money. Getting approved for a loan through a bank or other types of payday companies can be a daunting task. Uplyft has found a way to work around these challenges. Our funding approval process is centered around our customers, using the power of technology. Over 90% of our customers  are approved for funding, using our simple, user-friendly application process.

Company Manifesto

What drives our company, what our mission serves to accomplish and the values we embrace to accomplish our mission.


Our mission is to be a top MCA Fin-tech company that provides working capital to businesses to help them grow, prosper, and evolve using a seamless, automated and customer-centered experience.

Our Vision
To make receiving working capital simple, intuitive and human.

Our Values
As we work towards that mission, we need a set of shared values and principles. Our values fuel our identity and culture. They are the guidelines for every decision we make:

Our Values & Principles
Be entrepreneurial – Possibilities are endless if you think like an entrepreneur.Think simple – We don’t want to make it difficult for businesses to get what they need; how can we make our process as simple as possible?Constraints bring out creativity – See opportunity in problems.Sweat the details – As Sherlock Holmes stated, “The little things are infinitely more important.” Perfecting the little things will create something that is perfectly whole.Relentless focus on success – Entirely focused on creating a successful future, by being completely committed to the present.A sense of purpose – Uplyft Capital was born from our founder’s dedication to make a difference in the lives of small business owners. That same purpose drives us every day.Human – We remain personable because we put ourselves in the shoes of others every day.

Fostering an Indestructible Team

Create an environment of trust
Fostering a strong sense of trust leads to increased productivity, improved morale, and the ability to be more effective. We also want to build trust with our customers. We exist because of our customers and they need to know we have their best interest in mind. We build trust by supporting each other, having good communication, giving our people and our customers a voice, and working together to find solutions.

Healthy, positive and effective communication
Having an open line of communication, agreeing to disagree, having an open mind, and creating mutual respect are all important factors that contribute to overall effective communication. It’s important for our people and our customers to feel safe to voice their opinion and concerns

It is our obligation to accept full responsibility for our actions. Being able to admit when you’re wrong and taking ownership of errors is an important aspect of being accountable.

Commitment to getting results
Results measure our success. We are committed to be the best MCA company in the United States.

We strive to foster a diverse team made up of members of different ages, genders, ethnicity and cultural beliefs. This diversity results in a broad range of experience, innovative concepts, fosters creativity and offers a range of perspectives and ideas.

What should you look for in a Merchant Cash Advance Company?

Throughout your journey as a business owner, you will eventually find yourself in a situation where you might need to borrow capital. You could need to invest in new business equipment to keep operations running, or you might need help just keeping your business running properly. No matter the reason, you need help from someone you can trust, someone who can deliver.When choosing a Merchant Cash Advance company, you need to select a trusted and respected company across the board. Uplyft is a company committed to strong communications and cultivating a trustworthy environment. We want our customers to feel right at home the moment they walk through the door. If someone is walking through our doors, odds are they are in a difficult situation. The last thing we want to do is add to their troubles. Instead, we are dedicated to ensuring we provide the best services to everyone we come in contact with to ensure we can make their day a little bit brighter. You need a merchant cash advance company that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get the funding you deserve, Uplyft is that company. We are proud to work hard to see our customers get the fast approval for business funding so they can continue doing what they love. Uplyft provides US business funding solutions to those in need. We are there to help when others turn their back to you. At Uplyft Capital, we only want the best for our customers. That is why we work hard to provide exceptional business funding solutions—the last thing we want to see if you and your business suffer. Our solutions are ideally suited to fit the needs of almost every business owner. We do not receive the best customer reviews without reason. We get those high reviews because we care about our customers and only want the best for them.


Approached the industry with a dream & vision

1st Round Funding

A young company determined to lyft higher


Team development & structuring

Focused on Growth

Innovation and application process created

Strategic Partnerships

Building powerful relationships create a positive outcome


New Office and doubled in workforce

Technology Push

Proprietary software for automation from application to funding to renewal

$200M Goal

We hit the milestone of
$200M to over 2,500 business

What we could do together

We’ve got your back!

The ups and downs of a business will always be a challenge. It’s a non-stop job to keep up with new technology and the ever-changing needs of your customers. That’s why we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. We want to become life-long partners to help you along your journey to success.Why should you choose a merchant cash advance company over a traditional bank loan?As a merchant cash advance company, what we offer is entirely different from the loan you would receive from a bank. Most traditional loans supplied to businesses from a bank will come with high interest rates, and they can be extremely difficult to qualify for. When you choose a merchant cash advance company over a bank, you are choosing someone who will do their best to go around the challenges to get you the funding you deserve. Our application process is much more lenient than that of a traditional bank loan; almost 90% of all applications are approved! Our merchant cash advance programs do not feature an interest rate but instead have a fixed cost or “fact rate” that will never increase throughout the MCA.Uplyft offers exceptional customer satisfaction.Uplyft Capital boasts excellent customer satisfaction. Our customers leave high reviews thanks to our accommodating merchant cash advance programs. We are proud to offer a reliable business funding solution to every business, no matter the industry or type. To learn why our customers rave about Uplyft, contact our funding specialists today to start your journey towards getting the perfect MCA.

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