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1 . What products are offered by Uplyft Capital?

Uplyft Capital specializes in merchant cash advances with four different program tiers on offer. In addition, we have partnered with other lenders to provide a range of funding solutions that include lines of credit, SBA loans, and invoice financing.

2 .Who is Uplyft Capital for?

- Business owners with low credit scores. With a minimum required credit score of 500, borrowers with bad credit may be eligible for a merchant cash advance.
-Businesses with high revenue despite short time in business. Merchant cash advances are accessible with as little as three months in business, but businesses need a revenue of at least $10,000 per month.
Business owners willing to pay a higher factor rate for fewer fees. Uplyft Capital’s factor rates are slightly higher than the competition, but we make up for it by not charging any origination or monthly fees.

3.  How to get started?

After you’re onboarded with us, you'll find your referral link on your dashboard for you to share on your platforms. Here's a video with instructions on getting your personalized affiliate link and ready-made visual resources to promote us effectively, and then you can track the whole process on

4.  How much can I earn for a successful referral?

The first month we offer a compensation of 200$ per successful lead, and after that period, we will test your traffic and offer you a customized contract based on your results. We can even offer custom contracts to our preferred partners depending on lead volume and quality.

5.  I'm an ISO broker so I usually get paid on commissions instead of referrals. Do you have a program for ISO brokers?

Unfortunately, we’re not accepting ISO brokers at this time.

6.  Do you have other funding programs for businesses that still don’t have 10K monthly revenue?

Unfortunately, in order to qualify for our funding programs, businesses should fulfill the following requirements:
-Latest 3 months business bank statements.
-Each bank statement must reflect 10k or more in monthly revenue.
-Minimum 500 FICO Score.

7.  Does Uplyft Capital offer personal loans?

No, we only serve established businesses incorporated in the U.S.

8.  How long does it take for Uplyft Capital to close a deal?

With our easy application process and minimal documentation requirements, we can make a credit decision within the same day of receiving an application for funding. And if a merchant is approved, they can get funding in as little as 24 hours.

9.  How do I know how much money I’ve earned?

 You can check your performance history and current account balance at any time. In the upper right corner of the UI, you’ll find your current account balance.

10.   When and How do I get paid?

As you satisfy the terms of your contract, will automatically credit your account accordingly. You set a payment threshold that works for you, deciding the minimum amount you’d like to see your account balance hit before you get paid. Once your account balance reaches that number, you can:
 -Get paid by an automated clearing house. This sweeping payment system runs twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th) and makes a direct deposit to your bank account.
 -Get paid by Paypal. This option adds a 2% processing fee capped at $20.00.
-Get paid by wire transfer. This option runs weekly and also hits your account directly.